Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our Week In Review Through Instagram!

Welcome to my Week in Review!

It has been a busy one, but in reality, when are they not busy?

1. The kids and I have been catching up on our preventative care. In the past week, we have visited The Eye Doctor, The Dentist, and The Orthodontist.
2. The Husband went out of town this past weekend to go fishing. So we went out of town too! We took our friend, Melissa, to my Momma's home on Friday and then we went on to Jamesport. Here is The Short Chic trying on Amish straw hats during our visit to H&M Country Store.
3. The Boy getting in on the fun.
4. Cinnamon Rolls from H&M Bakery.

 5. Saturday after we left Jamesport we went to Plattsburg to attend our nephews birthday party. The party was in the local bowling alley and it was absolutely a fun time! This might be The Short Chics first time bowling.
6. The Boy bowling.
7. Melissa hanging out at the par-tay!
8. The other thing I did this week was tie-dye. A lot of tie-dye! {If you have missed that post, check it out HERE} This photo is of a shirt I made for my sister-in-law.

 Oh yeah, we had a lot of yummy food this weekend!

9. From Pinterest, you can find it pinned on my Get In My Belly board, Quinoa Mac and Cheese. Super yummy!
10. My Husband brought me home a souvenir from his fishing trip. Thankfully, it was not a trout. Instead he brought me home 6 boxes of my favorite cake mix that I can't find here at home!
11. The Boy and I perfected the homemade Mocha Frappe.  My version and my size is only about 115 calories. {check out that post HERE}
12. I taught myself how to whitewash paint this week. I put together a super cool shelving unit and was able to complete my bathroom redo. {that post is HERE}

13. Hmm, isn't that known for being an unlucky number? I hope that is not a bad omen. Anyway, I digress. This is a homemade fly trap. My co-worker and I got the idea from Pinterest. Why do we need a homemade fly trap, you ask? That is a great question!  My work has us training in a hotel that is swarming with flies. We have been swatting away to no avail. So we are trying to take matters into our own hands.  Bad news? If you have this pinned, I am sorry to say we caught absolutely no flies in this trap in our first day of use!

That is it for our week! I hope you all have an enjoyable week! 

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