Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekly Weight Watchers Update and Winner!

What a weird week. We made it through the weekend and then right smack in the middle of the week we had a holiday. It made for some challenges.

There was a lot of temptation out there this week!

The biggest temptation: my own mother!  She found a patch of wild blackberries right behind her house. I have no idea who she did not know they were there until now but she just found them. She came to visit for the holiday. And she brought a big, not just big, GIANT homemade blackberry cobbler. YES, she did! Oh yeah, if that was not bad, she also brought 20 something miniature peach cobblers. 

Other temptations? There were a few leftover cupcakes from my Baseball Cupcake Cake. And the stop by Buffalo Wild Wings were I proceeded to order the Chicken Nacho's (I decided to use those extra 49 points). Steak off the grill. Hot dogs at the fireworks. Alcoholic beverages. Breakfast a Corner Cafe to celebrate Nana's birthday!

Are you getting the idea there were a lot of little land minds around?

I also slacked off on my water drinking this week. I really craved Diet Coke. I also slacked off on eating breakfast at a "reasonable" hour and using my tracker.

I write about all of these temptations but overall I managed them well. I only had 1 cup of Momma's Blackberry Cobbler {I put some in the freezer and sent the rest back to her house!}. I said no to alcohol. I did have steak but I got myself a leaner cut than the rest of the family. And The Corner Cafe? Who knew they served Oatmeal? Well they do and I ordered it. Among the yummy eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese, giant cinnamon rolls, I ate the oatmeal and asked for a bowl of fresh fruit as my side instead of a muffin.

The other thing that helped manage the temptations was exercise. The Husband and I got up early twice and went biking. Each time we did between 10 and 12 miles at our local lake. We have been looking for other trails to ride and The Husband is now looking at a new trial bike.

I weighed in yesterday. I was up .4 of a pound. I will take it. It is not often in my life that I walk away from a weekend as busy as last weekend and a midweek holiday and only gained .4 of a pound.

This week, I am recommitted to drinking water and tracking my food.

Now for the fun part! I have a winner in my Weight Watcher Portion Controlled Ladles.

Kay B, you are my winner! Email me your mailing address and I will get your prize in the mail to you! Congratulations!

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