Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Skinny Iced Coffee

Oh it is summer time! The weather is hot and the drinks are COLD! Even my coffee goes cold when the tempature surpasses 90 degrees.  Last summer The Pioneer Woman changed my life with one single blog post, The Perfect Iced Coffee.  Prior to this I was spending a fortune on iced coffee's from coffee venders. Or wasting my time making waterdown versions with traditional brewed coffee {The ice melts as soon as hot coffee is poured over it, therefore diluting the coffee and not getting the right flavor}.

Oh how I hate love the Pioneer Woman! Her food is divine. Her desserts rock my world. And her ice coffee made me sing! But the calories!  Everything she makes is full of them! I guess running around the farm she is able to burn off those calories and maintain her figure.

I found her iced coffee to be a little cumbersome to make. I did not have a tub large enough to soak. The straining process left me messy. And while I found adding sweetened consedensed milk to my ice coffee was heavinly, this summer I sure don't want those added calories.

I found the Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System at World Market {It cost about $40 but I used a half-off coupon!}. It is so easy to use. I put the rubber cork into the bottom of the brewing container, add my filter, water, and coffee. It sits and cold brews about 12-18 hours. At the end of the brewing, I pull the cork and allow gravity to work filtering the coffee concentrate from the grounds.

When I am ready to serve it, I add water, ice, sugar free syrup, Truvia, and skim milk.  In the end, I have a 20 ounce iced coffee that only cost me as many Points Plus as the milk I put into it.

That is how you can a great iced coffee and not worry about your waistline.

He loves it! (He has no idea who The Pioneer Woman is.) Is it bad that I let him drink iced coffee? My Dad always said coffee would stunt your growth!  It sure has not stunted his growth.


  1. I TOTALLY tried Pioneer Woman's iced coffee earlier this year and also found it tedious (and too many calories for all that work)! I just stick with my Keurig coffee maker and the Brew Over Ice K-cups. A little expensive but I never waste any coffee (and I'm the only one who drinks it around here). SOOOO GOOD!!! Man I need to go make some now...