Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Review in Instagram

 This week {Wednesday to Wednesday} was much slower than last week.  Big thankful exhale!

 1.My Short Chic riding a pony at a 4th of July celebration. She did not want any help from her Daddy at all.
2. My "just because" gift from my wonderful Husband, not the ipad, but the Zappo wireless keyboard for the ipad. Can I tell you, it is awesome and amazing!
3. POOL PARTY! As if that could not be any better, it occurred on the hottest day yet of the year!.
4. We broke out the cotton candy machine at the pool party. The Husband figured out the best spinning technique and gave The Short Chic a large portion of cotton candy!

5. The temperature gunge on the hottest day. Soon after I took this the temperature raised another degree!
6. My exciting Saturday night, spent at home with the cutest little girl coloring. That is called contempt. 
7. A summer week would not be complete without baseball. Games, Practice, entertainment!
8. The Boy at FanFest purchasing more Evoshield.  This is his new digital camo wrist guard. 

9. Friday night, we were sitting at home being bored. So, I went to the store and picked up new paint and started painting the bathroom. The color: Bermuda Bay. Accented with white and black.
10. Sunday was all about FanFest! You can catch more about that here.
11. Monday, The Short Chic spent the day with her cousins and second cousins. On the way home she started to doze off. I commented to her that she looked tired. She looked at me and said, "I have worked hard...all day long! Immediately after, she passed out for the night!
12. Tuesday brought our longest driving lesson. The good news: he has gotten better so that I can take a photo of him (at a stoplight). The bad news: he still hugs the edge, drives too fast, and takes those corners a little too fast for my liking!

Have a great week.  See you next week!

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