Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bathroom Redo

I have been redecorating my downstairs bathroom over the past few weeks.  It is a small bathroom, I guess commonly referred to as the guest bath.

 Here is what I did not like about it:

  1. The room felt drab.
  2. The walls are divided. The top is painted and the bottom has some type of paneling.
  3. The top part was painted a flat olive/sage green. {Maybe it was too flat for the small space?}
  4. The bottom part was painted a flat grey.
  5. The light switch, towel bar, electric cover, lamp accessories were all fake gold and silver. {Have I ever told you all that I do not prefer gold?}
  6. The mirror above the sink is a custom made mirror but the frame was gold.      

The only thing I had hanging on the walls before the remodel was this old framed cross-stitch project I finished in the mid 1990's.

The first thing I did was remove all the fixtures and buy new paint. I went for a semi-gloss paint. I thought we needed a little bit of that shine.

The new color? It is called Bermuda Bay and it comes from Better Homes and Garden.
It makes me happy. Very, very happy.

The grey color had to go also. I painted the bottom half Cotton White, also from Better Homes and Gardens. Also in a semi-gloss. The entire bathroom just shines.

While all the fixtures were off, I spray painted them. Yep. Saved myself some cost and bought a can of $4.00 spray paint. I painted the light fixture, the towel bar, the toilet paper roll, the electric cover, and the light switch. I also taped off the mirror and painted the gold frame around the mirror the same hammered black.

What a huge difference it is already making!

Can you tell from the above photo? I still have silver/gold sink fixtures. They are on my honey-do list for now. We will get around to changing them soon.

I chose to use the color black as an accent color as well at white.  Instead of that old cross-stitch, I purchased some simple black shelves and a few black photo frames.

I found this cute hour glass timer at my favorite home interiors store in Jefferson City, Missouri during my last visit there. The Husband is really uncomfortable with it being behind the bathroom door. He is probably more realistic than I am about our children's behavior.


The wall in the above photo use to be empty. I wanted a shelving unit there but I wanted it to be something that was not a shelf but could be used as a shelf. My co-worker and I were shopping at an antique store and found these old card catalog drawers.  She pointed them out, I flipped them, and we both kinda new immediately it was perfect! 

The only problem, they were brown and I needed something white. So, I taught myself how to whitewash {but that my friends, is a future blog post!}.

 It might still need a few trinkets but I am pleased with the look.

The only other thing that I disliked was the size of the petal-stool sink. There really is no room on the sink, not even for a bottle of hand soap. My solution was to put a white serving bowl on the back of the toilet. I purchased this bowl at my Great Aunt and Uncles estate sale last year. I put a few colored hand towels in it and a decorative jar of soap and lotion.

Two people have already given me feedback on my bathroom updo. My husband came out of the bathroom and told me he felt like he was in a hotel. That made me love him a little bit more! Then my good friend, Melissa came to visit last weekend. I had not even mentioned to her I was redoing the bathroom. She walked out and said, "WOW, that room looks so much bigger!" She brought a smile to my face!

Thanks for looking!


  1. KUDOS!!!!! This looks so great! It's fun and fresh and it makes me smile... may I use your restroom?? :)

  2. It looks so great!!!!! so impressed. I totally love that color!!!!!

  3. What a bright fresh color.. It makes the room so much more appealing! I love it!

  4. Thank you everyone! I so appreciate your comments!

  5. It looks SO great! That blue color is so pretty and bright. I'm really jealous of your bathroom now! Thanks for all the inspiration :)

  6. That went from a total 1 to 10 on a scale of beauty and decoration. Very well done!

    -Irwin Zinkin