Monday, July 2, 2012

Made By Me Monday: Cupcake Cake

The heat of summer is upon us. In our part of the world, we have averaged about 102 degrees per day for the past four days.

What do you do when it is this hot?

Well, a smart person would stay where it is air conditioned. Catch up on some movies? Clean house? Or at least, find a body of water and stay immersed. Yep, that is what a smart person would do.

Us? Well, that is not how we spent our time in the hottest days we have had this year. We spent it on the ball field playing in our state tournament.  I am thankful for easy-up tents and cold wet towels.

To celebrate baseball and to take our minds off the heat, I made a baseball cupcake cake for the team and their fans. {Selfishly, I got to continue to clean out my pantry, bake, feed others, and not have a bunch of sweets in my household for me to eat!}

So, today's post, Made By Me Monday is all about Cupcake Cakes!

In an attempt to keep cleaning out my pantry of items I no longer should have on hand, I have several boxes of cake mix that needed to be purged.  A weekend baseball tournament sounded like the perfect occasion to me!

The Short Chic and I woke early on Saturday. We set to baking. She designated herself "The taster". We baked maybe 5 dozen cupcakes. The key is to use the same amount of batter every single time. You really want your cupcakes to be the same size/height.

The Husband came home from breakfast and I put him to work engineering a cake board that would be large and strong enough to hold all of those cupcakes.

I whipped up some buttercream frosting.

{Panic moment, the stand mixer actually stopped working for a while. I was in sheer devastation mode. After you have had a stand mixer you just can't go back to a hand mixer! I was about ready to call The Husband and make a quick trip to Nebraska Furniture Mart to buy a new one when it started working properly once again!}

I continued making frosting, all in all, I made 2 1/2 batches of buttercream. Then I started arranging the cooled cupcakes on my cakeboard. I wanted to make a circle, or as near to it as possible.

The next step is easy, you just put down a base layer of frosting down. Yes, they are individual cupcakes but you want to frost them like they are one big cake.Go slow and you should have no problems with the cupcakes lifting out of their spot.

After you have the base coat on, then decorate. I actually use a toothpick to draw the design into the frosting and then pipe over it. I am not good with freehand work, so the toothpick helps me out greatly!

It was a hot game, played in the hottest part of the afternoon. We lost. It just was not our weekend for baseball.

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  1. They were FABULOUS!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for making them for the team!!