Friday, July 20, 2012

Weight Watchers Weekly Update: Variety

Today is my Weight Watcher's check in.

This has been the hardest week since re-joining the program. I hit a wall. A really large, hard, brick wall.

Variety. It is the key to a successful program. A person on a weight loss journey needs variety. They need variety in their exercise routine and in their diet.  Otherwise, boredom sets in.

I thought I was doing okay. But in honesty, I was not.

This week, I realized I am tired of sandwiches. I am tired of zucchini. I need more variety.

The lack of variety sets one up for failure and I really walked a thin line of crashing all week. I have even eaten a few meals that were not good for me. I compensated for them but still I struggled. 

My naked morning weight on my bathroom scale is the exact same as last week. I do not believe I have gained anything. But I have not lost anything.

I took a break from the scale today...or this week. I needed a mental break. And I need a new eating plan. I need some variety.

I will be back at it next week, in a meeting and on the scale. 


  1. You're aware that I'm right there with you. I've been on a plateau for a while but it doesn't mean it's the end or we're failures! JUST DON'T GIVE UP!!

    You're amazing! You rock! You didn't let stupid cancer win and you won't let this little wall keep you from your dream.

    It's just like a marriage... it's not always easy. It takes work and we have to get creative to keep things fresh, fun, and exciting! Healthy eating, fitness, crafting... we have to keep mixing it all up to stay engaged with all of it.

    And be okay with taking a break from some things every now and then. Be okay with venting and telling the truth about your weight loss journey, no matter how difficult and ugly it sounds. WE need to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly to connect with you... and to see that we aren't alone.

    I've got your back, girl. DON'T GIVE UP!! YOU'RE AN INSPIRATION!!!

  2. Chrissy, love your feedback! And, Pam, while we visit this weekend, we will compare notes and strategize. I have recently broken my plateau and I know you can too! Not to mention, any week you don't gain is a good week! Can't wait to see you!!!