Friday, July 13, 2012

Weight Watcher Update: Week 7

Losing weight is about a number of things.  Looking better. Feeling better. Being more healthy. More energy. It is so easy to focus on the scale but there are other indicators that your efforts are paying off. 

My first indicator? My rings start to spin on my fingers. Then my feet suddenly have more room in my shoes. {Weird, huh!}

This week I found a pair of pants I purchased back in April and then misplaced. I decided to wear them and I noticed they were very loose around my waist! Another indicator of success.

It is so easy to put all of the focus on the scale. And trust me I am on that scale at least twice a day. But it certainly is not the only indicator of success. The scale seems to be teasing me these days. Up one day, down the next. I remember my first Weight Watcher's leader. Her name was Maryann. She had us take our measurements and she offered a reward {a simple paperclip} every month. It was amazing to see those paperclips grow each month! It helped take the focus off the scale.

At today's weigh in, I was officially down 1.2 pounds. That puts my total weight loss to 11.2 pounds in 7 weeks. I know I said last week I had started to slack on two things: water and tracking. Well, I did SO MUCH better at drinking the water this past week! However, I still need to get back to tracking! That is my goal this week. Track my food.


  1. WAY TO GO!!!! That's so great and I'm proud of you! I try really hard to not focus on the scale and give myself kudos when I make a good choice or do one small thing to get me closer to that dream. It's not always easy and sometimes I just have to take a break from weighing, but it feels so dang good when the scale numer goes down.

    KEEP IT UP!!!!!!

  2. To stop focusing on the scale, you might try my method....move half way across the country and forget to bring a scale with This is Rebecca Gavin, BTW, don't know why it says I'm unknown.

  3. Way to go Pamela. I'm so darn proud of you and your success. Keep up the good work lady. Diana

  4. Looks like you are doing great and with your determination you will easily make you goals!

  5. Way to go i'm proud of you!!!!!