Monday, July 30, 2012

Our Colorado Weekend: Pictorial

Miss Medical Student starts her away rotation in Emergency Medicine in Denver today. So, we flew to Denver to spend some time with her. Our dear friend Leslie hosted us. She took us to her sister's cabin in Leadville, Colorado. Do you know it is the highest elevation municipality. 

Remnants of a yearly festival in Leadville. Of course, we were one weekend too early. A Gold Miner stopped and provided me with an explanation of what we were looking at.

Twin Lakes. Near two 14'ers: Mount Elbert and Mount Massive.

The Husband. He spent the weekend fly fishing. He found heaven on earth!

 An old school house in Leadville.

 Leadville is an old mining town. Here is an old mine.

Near Crystal Lake just outside of Leadville. 


Our new friends. Chocolate Lab brothers. 

Another furry friend, Simba.

The fourth furry friend we spent the weekend with, Buckey, swimming at Twin Lakes.

 I love Aspen trees!

An old wooden fence. Can you tell from the clouds that we experienced a lot of rain. We also got hailed on twice. Got to see lots of Colorado lightening. Oh yeah, and it got as low as 45 degrees during our three day stay!

An old building along I-70. We spent a lot of time on I-70 due to heavy traffic!

Deadwood at Twin Lakes. Colorado is also experiencing a drought. The water level was way low. 

We spent Friday day in Denver. This is at Sloan's Lake, one of my favorite walking spots. They were preparing for the Dragonboat Festival.

So nice to catch up with good friends. My friend Krista met her true love and moved to Parker Colorado last summer. It was nice to see her and the husband!

Here are my two favorite girls: Leslie and Miss Medical Student.

This young man was our host Friday. We use to work together and I miss him a lot!

Hanging out at Harry's home. The Husband unfortunately either got a little dehydrated, motion sickness, or maybe even a little altitude sickness. Resting and water made it all better!

The Husband and I had a great weekend! Thank you everyone!!


  1. Great pictures & GREAT to see you guys!!

    1. Krista,
      Thank you and it was amazing seeing you! Next time I promise we will have more time!

  2. Your pics are brilliant, Pam, as always! I believe that one should never stay away too long from Colorado (nor from good friends.)

    Leadville could test the endurance of a devoted photographer! Thanks for sharing!! *sigh*

    --deb t.

    1. Thank you Deb! And I agree with you about staying away too long. It had been 7 years since I was in Colorado. I won't go that long again.