Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekly Weight Watcher Update

I did another weigh in Friday.

I think this makes my 5th weigh in {that is counting the very first one}.

I was down another 2.8 pounds.

Keep in mind that last week I was up  1.2 pounds from the medical procedures that occured right before weigh-in. So, I lost that weight {as I knew I would} and then even more.

Total I have lost 8.2 pounds since re-joining Weight Watchers four weeks ago.

What has helped this week? I have been focusing on eating fresh fruit as a dessert and not sweets. I also cleaned out my cupboards, Power Spaces, and I have been walking. I know that I am a nervous eater. I have to pack snacks to go to the baseball games. Nowadays those snacks are vegetables.

Before you all ask, yes that is a bruise on my arm. It is left over from my cancer check up.

Oh and speaking of cancer check up: I did that Friday too. Once again the test results all came back looking good.  The only bad news I got during my check up is that my doctor is leaving the practice and I have to find a new doctor. EEK!


  1. Oh Pamela you look gorgeous, you are inspiring! That's a wicked bruise but I'm so happy for you that the test results came back good. I know that feeling of having to wait is always horrid hey?

  2. Okay, so the two drunk men in the elevator at work were speaking truth whether you wanted to hear it or not. Walk that runway lady. You are looking too good. Keep up the hard work, I'm super proud of you.

  3. Great news from C. world!! Here's to only visiting that place on these rare occasions & then skipping happily back to your OWN! (Well worth that bruise to get a win.) -deb t.

  4. Great news, Pam. And you look fabulous-jt

  5. YAY FOR GOOD TEST RESULTS!!!! That's fabulous... and it must feel so good! Congrats on your weight loss! You really do look great. I totally noticed this weekend that you had a multitude of healthy snacks in little baggies and I was like "oh man, I so need to do that"! Thanks for inspiring me (this weekend's state tournament is gonna be a hot one)!