Thursday, June 7, 2012

Making Choices

"Choice, not destiny determines your future."

 I am on vacation this week.  Being on Weight Watchers brings a whole new perspective to vacations.
 Historically, vacations mean free reign over eating. I would eat large meals, have snacks, and of course, dessert! By the time vacation would be over, I would be up another ten pounds. This time I wanted to do it differently.

 I read this quote on some Weight Watchers material and I let it be my guide. For everything.

1. We are staying in a condo, miles away from restaurants, so eating-in is our best option. I planned a menu. It included healthier options for me. For example, extra lean ground turkey for me when the family had hamburgers. Or a bowl of whole grain cereal and a banana while the family had biscuits and gravy.

 2. This is a huge resort in the Ozark Mountains. They provide free shuttle service to and from places. I chose to walk most of the places I went to. Including up large hills!

3. There are at least six swimming pools on property. {Confession time: I have a huge phobia of getting my face in the water!} In the past, IF I got in the water, it was to waist level and I just stood there trying to not get splashed! But not this trip! I put on a pair of goggles and took off swimming {fear of swimming did not equal a lack of knowledge about how to swim}. Oh boy, have I swam this week!

4. Controlled temptation, without depriving myself! I love to make yummy food for others, and that includes desserts. I want to find a way of having desserts in my life in a healthy way. I have made and had two desserts this week. They were yummy and rich! But, I only had them each once. I did not have several servings of them. And I increased my activity on those days. After boating, my father-in-law purchased everyone ice cream. Not just ice cream but king sized ice cream bars {The Short Chic's bar was the "winner" with only 280 calories vs The Boy's which had nearly 500!}. I totally passed on the ice cream.
AND, the resort has a cookie lady. She comes by your room every night and delivers fresh baked cookies. I consumed zero cookies on the entire trip!

 5. Redefined pleasure! My husband and his father are big breakfast eaters and makers. Their breakfast includes: has browns {starch}, biscuits {starch}, gravy {starch}, eggs, ketchup, and toast {starch}!On the morning of our boating day, my husband wakes up and makes a big breakfast. I had whole grain cereal, a banana, and skim milk {5 points}. As we were eating, my Father-in-law says to me, "Pamela, I am really sorry you are missing this wonderful breakfast." {I will say he was being sincere, the thought of eating cold cereal would be the last thing he would ever consider eating!} My response to him, was that when I weighed in on Thursday morning and saw that weight loss recorded on my paper, then he could feel sorry for me! A longer term goal out-weighed a moment!

 6. Sought out assistance. I am on vacation in the Ozark Mountains and the second thing I planned out {the food menu being number one} was where is the closest Weight Watchers Meeting! Thursday morning my husband and I got up, arranged for supervision of the kiddo's, and drove forty-five minutes to the nearest meeting site.

This is my third weigh-in. I lost 2.8 pounds this week. And I was on vacation! My total weight loss in two weeks is 6.6 pounds! A friend of mine posted a question on facebook yesterday, it asked "when was the last time you did something new?"

Now, I can say I lost weight on vacation!