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My "Proud" Parenting Moments

Each of my children learned something new this past week. One is silly. The other is serious. No matter how silly it is or how serious watching them figure something new out is so exciting for a Momma! I am not sure there is anything better than seeing the determination on their faces. And then they turn on you and become the expert!

The Silly Accomplishment!

My Short Chic learned to eat sunflower seeds. As you know, sunflower seeds are a must at baseball games. Fans eat them. Players eat them. I am not sure, do umpires eat them? If they do, do they eat them while umpiring?

One of the other younger sisters showed The Short Chic how to eat them and she asked for her own bag for the games this weekend.

She is already the expert at eating seeds.  She even tried to give me lessons!

Seriously, she is a boot wearin', cut-off shorts, tank top seed eatin' fool!

She might need to practice the art of spitting them out a little more! She is looking forward to the weekend as we have more games to play. Time to buy more seeds.

The Serious Accomplishment:

Getting his permit was only step 1. The Boy is learning to drive.

Tonight was my first opportunity to let him drive my car.

I am not sure who was more nervous. Him? Me? Absolutely me!

You know I do not even recall my parents teaching me to drive. Maybe I have blocked it out? I do recall a summer of drivers education. You know what I remember? The first day of class was the first day I wore my contacts out in public. Oh yeah, and the instructor would let us listen to the radio but we could not sing along.  I remember my friend Susan almost got the radio taken away because she got caught singing out loud!

It is a lot of stress teaching your children to drive. On one hand I so desperately want him to learn to drive.  Driving will bring about the opportunity to get a job.  A job will create some responsibility, and independence. But on the other hand, I absolutely do not want him learning to drive. The independence alone scares me. The risk factors for teens scare me: drinking and driving, texting and driving, making stupid silly mistakes that can create huge consequences.

It is such a double edge sword.  In the end, it is my role to prepare him for adulthood. And so I will teach him to drive. {Unless I can get my husband to do it!}

Some kids enter the legal age to drive with some knowledge about how to drive. They have either been allowed to illegally drive, or drove farm equipment around, or even have drove ATV's or dirt bikes. The Boy, has not been allowed to drive. The one time he did drive an ATV, he ran it into the side of a barn. {A very large metal barn!} He has a lot to learn.

He hugs the outer line and he pays no attention to the speed limit signs.  Oh, and my favorite, he came upon a young woman out jogging and he got distracted by her bending over that he literally took his eyes off the road too long for my liking. 

He is improving. He is doing better on his turns, he signals, he keeps both hands on the wheel.  

Now for all of you who have been down this road before me, please tell me, how did you keep your sanity? I was gripping the dashboard so tight my knuckles were white. I think I held my breath every moment he was driving!


  1. Mike taught me how to drive! If I ever do something wrong or he, Mom, or Dad scrunch their face up, I kindly remind them my dear brother taught me to drive! Good luck!!!!!


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