Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pinterest Review: The Best Punch Ever

I found this punch on Pinterest. It comes from No Biggie. You can find the original post here or on my Pinterest page under Spirits (not the spooky kind).

I have now made this punch twice. I give it two thumbs up on the ease of making it and on the taste!
The ingredients are easy: A frozen can of Barcardi Pina Colada Mix, a frozen can of Pineapple Orange Juice, four 2 liters of Diet Sprite, a bag of pebble ice, and a bag of frozen raspberries.

The cool thing is the layers of the punch. On the bottom it is dark yellow. Then it raises to white. And on top is this layer of berries that as you serve the punch, they break down and turns the entire punch bright pink.

The other super cool thing about this punch is, it only has 2 Weight Watcher Points + points per 8 ounce serving.

The only thumbs down I give this recipe is the sheer amount it makes. I can never get all the ingredients into the punch bowl. {I even went out and purchased this big jar from Target that No Biggie recommends. It was still too small!}  I think to make this you would need at least a 3 gallon jug, but then who has a 3 gallon jug that you can see through. So if you make it in a insulated cooler you just won't get to see the cool layers or the color change.

I made this punch after The Short Chic's dance recital. Everyone loved it. In fact, our Nana loved it so much she asked me to make for Papa's Surprise 70th Birthday Party.  The guest loved the punch, which made me happy!

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