Sunday, June 17, 2012

One Day The Baby Bird Left The Nest

It is a bittersweet day for us. My youngest sibling, who is some 20 years younger than I, left home today. He got his first real job. He is moving several states away.  

He got a degree in Wind Turbine Technology a year or so ago.  His first job is in Guymon, Oklahoma. He is going to be working for a contract company that installs these giant machines. He reports to work tomorrow morning, so he left out today to make the 9 hour or so drive from home to Guymon.

Luckily for him, he actually knows someone there working on Wind Turbines already. He is going to let my brother stay with him for a few days. His new company pays his salary, plus food, and lodging. Transportation is his only expense.  He was so excited to get a job in his field that he forgot a few things. He has no idea how often he gets paid. Nor does he know if he has health insurance. We chalked those questions up to things he will ask next time he gets a job!

He knows he will be in Guymon through September and beyond that he has no idea.

We helped him gather is tools. Packed his stuff. Loaded his car. Made him a picnic lunch. Okay, and we made a few jokes at his expense. So, on this day that we celebrate and honor our fathers, we sent our youngest father into a new chapter in his life.

I thought saying good bye to him would be hard. {My own son is a few short years away from being sent off to college and I thought this would be just a preview of what is to come my way.} I did not wear a bit of make up thinking I would be crying it off. Maybe it is because he is a goof. Or knowing that we will see him again in a few short months.  But saying good bye was easier than expected.

Good Luck, Baby Bird! You are a smart kiddo and have so much to look forward to in this life. I wish you the whole world!

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  1. Oklahoma will take good care of him. There are good people who live there.