Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Instagram Wednesday's Weekly Review

One of my favorite iphone app's is Instagram.  Instagram is a photo sharing application. I can take photos, edit them and then share them with my followers. 

 Are you using it?  Why not?  If you you love it as much as I?

Well, in my attempt to bring some structure to my blog, I am doing a review of my week via Instagram. 

1. The Boy played baseball last Tuesday. When The Boy was little we would play t-ball next to this big boy field. The baseball boys looked so big compared to my four year old t-ball player. I remember him saying, he hoped that one day he would play on this field. Now we are.
2. The smoker got a huge workout this past week. The Husband smoked pork, ribs and beef for his father's surprise 70th birthday party.
3. Dark, mean grey clouds hung over overhead the day of the party. Two hours before the party was to start, the clouds opened up and poured on us. One hour before party, the sun came out and dried up all the rain!
4. The beef we smoked for the party.

5. On a whim I purchased a cotton candy machine. We broke it out at the Surprise 70th Birthday party. Who knew spinning cotton candy was so much fun!
6. During the party, The Short Chic was playing inside with her cousins. Apparently, no one was watching. She decided to color all over her Nana and Papa's walls. This took me back to when I was a little girl. My cousin Cheryl and I put a little mark on my grandma's wall. Whew!! I got into so much trouble. Luckily for The Short Chic markers have come a long way. She used washable chalk and I would say 99% came off the wall.
7. Dog tired as we were the day after the party, we got up early and headed to the baseball fields. The Boy was playing in a wooden bats tournament.
8. We won 2nd place in that tournament. It was a super hard fight to get into the tournament and we pretty much wiped ourselves out. {Of course, it was also 102 degrees outside as well.}

 9.  I am so not proud to post this photo. This is my basement. And yes, this is what it looks like. This is my newest project. It is my goal to organize and clean this mess up. I am sharing it with you to hold me accountable for progress.
10. Tuesday night we went to visit The Short Chic's best friend, who was hospitalized.
11. Tuesday night we also treated ourselves to Red Mango. I am so addicted to their pineapple/coconut sorbet. I add a tiny bit of dark chocolate, chopped mango's, coconut, and strawberries. I am always amazed that this is my favorite thing at Red Mango. A few months ago, I would have loaded up on chocolate ice cream, candy toppings, and syrups! Oh how my outlook is changing.


  1. I LOVE THIS POST!!!! And I love Instagram...

    I've totally been thinking about doing a weekly post like this - I hope you don't mind that you inspired me to just DO IT.

    (PS - and I can't wait to see the "after" basement photos!)

  2. Keep up on #9. You have a year to get it cleaned up for me.