Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just A Little Bump

Fourth Weight Watcher's weigh in. I was up +1.2 pounds.

Two things contributed to my 1.2 gain. I shall start with those in my control.

After weighing in last week, and having a -2.8 loss {while on vacation} I kinda went into celebration mode. I had three bad days of eating. I still did not eat a lot of food. But I also did not track or count.  {I even had a candy bar at the movies Saturday night! And the oddest thing happened, it made my tummy hurt.}

I got right back on track, went back to the tracker and watched the weight continue to come off the rest of this week. Getting on the scale this morning, before getting dressed, I weighed exactly the same thing I did last week before my weigh in. After the three days of not eating well, I was going to be really okay with staying the same.

But...I had to check into Cancer-world today. I got to the hospital at 9:00, had blood drawn, and was immediately given 40 ounces of stuff to drink that contained the contrast needed for my CT scans. Then during my CT scan, I was given more fluids through an IV.  I knew there was no way all of that fluid was going to be out of my system prior to weigh-in time.  For a moment I contemplated not weighing in today. I could have gotten up early tomorrow and did it. But, today is my day. And I am going to do it no matter what!

All in all, I took a +1.2 gain. Yes, it is a small set back but in the bigger picture this is a hiccup. I shall keep plugging along. {In fact, I meet my husband at the airport and rode my bike for 7.5 miles today!}

Cancer-world. Well, it still stinks! I have no concerns that today's test won't come back clean. But the act of going through the test is a chore for me. I have tempermental veins. They like to collapse or close up instead of working when poked. They poked my left arm this time and five hours later, I can still feel the bruise growing.  The test results will not be ready until next week.

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