Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 5K

Happy Mother's Day!

Last year I started a tradition for myself. I started participating in the Mother's Day 5K in Overland Park, Kansas. Last year, it was just my friend Krista and I who earned our Mother's Day tiara (a tradition at the Mother's Day 5K). But this year, we had 6 of us walking, including my three year old daughter.

Nearly 4,000 women registered for today's event. Last year I wore a hat because it was so cool. But this year I wore sunglasses because it was so sunny! My race time was a little slower than last year, but I finished in okay time. As we started the race, Meeghan said good bye to us walkers and decided to run. I think the last time she ran a 5K was two years ago. I am not sure what happened to my friend Krista, maybe she was not wearing her bib, but I could not find her time anywhere!

Place  Bib                     Gun Time          Net Time/Pace
 1042  2108 Meeghan    30 F     41:43 169/448    38:05 12:16
 2325  1889 Pamela     42 F     58:16 244/349    54:37 17:35

 2326   989 Olivia      3 F     58:17 204/303    54:38 17:35
 2327  1890 Christy    44 F     58:18 245/349    54:38 17:35 

My friend Krista is super tall! So she volunteered to put The Short Chic on her shoulders! I think she was a little scared! But it was cute enough to catch the event photographers who put this photo on their facebook page!

Here we are pre-race!

Krista and I waiting! This is our second year.  

Too early for her to be a happy camper!

The starting line. That is the short chic on Meeghan's back.

Meeghan, post race, with her Tiara, the finish line behind her.

Meeghan, The Short Chic and I after the race.

The Boy was not happy that he could not race with me. Sorry, girls only event! However, he had an orange Gatorade waiting for me at the end and that made me the happiest Momma ever!

After the Race, being silly! Check out the Short Chic!

In the end, Olivia earned her tiara, and we both earned our flower necklaces!


  1. Love, Love, Love it! Pam, I'm so excited for you and the chic doing this event together. What a wonderful Mother's Day. My goal next year is to be there with you all. You all made good time, even with the SC, that's impressive. Congrats.

  2. (pssstt, Melissa, I have a secret. The Short Chic started and finished the race but she did not do the middle. She really just wanted a race shirt because it had an orange flower and orange is her new favorite color.)