Saturday, May 7, 2011

Photography Lesson 15: My Favorite Photo!

The final assignment for The Opposite Photography Class is to post our favorite photo. Ever. It can be a photo we have already taken or a new one we just snapped. I have mentally gone through a lot of my photos, trying to decide if I even have a favorite.

I love the photos of The Short Chic at her Fairy Tea Party, with her face painted and fairy costume on. I love a few of the photos of The Boy pitching. I have several photos I really like of scenery I have seen. I even have a favorite or two of my niece.  But a favorite? That seems like such a huge daunting task.

I thought about pulling the Mommy card tomorrow and requiring my family to pose for photos. But then as we were sitting outside enjoying an evening meal in the warm spring weather, I remember these photos I took last August when I was first diagnosed. It took all summer, but we finally got hummingbirds to visit our feeder last year. I took some photos of the hummingbirds visiting our feeder on our deck. They truly are some of my favorites. Even tonight as I looked at the, I felt proud that I am the one who took these! And, I did it before I understood how to get the background all fuzzy and out of focus. I did it before I knew in order to stop action sharply one needed a super fast shutter speed!

I have absolutely enjoyed this class!  I hope to continue to learn how to make the best photos I can.

ISO 1600, 1/125, f:5.6
I love that you can see the hummingbird. I am embarrassed you can see the dust on the feeder!

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