Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Photography Lesson 13: Juxtaposition

I will admit, I had  never heard the word Juxtaposition before Monday evening. I quickly learned it is a contradiction. I get it. The thirteenth assignment was to photograph a juxtaposition.

Well, I am out of town this week, and my usual subjects are back home. Far from me. My first reaction was to photograph a person fully clothed in a swimming pool. I may not have access to my subjects, but hey I have access to a pool at my hotel. 

So after racking my brain, I came up with my photo.

ISO: 1600, 1/10, f:10
with a black backdrop

ISO: 1600, 1/10, f:10.0
No black backdrop

So, my photo. One of my favorite foods.  A cheeseburger. Fries. Chocolate Milkshake. With a Weight Watcher Journal. Believe it or not, but I am lifetime member of Weight Watcher. No rejoicing please, I am not at goal weight. Probably too many cheeseburgers!


  1. Such a great idea-for me, this would definitely be a comparison of what I want to eat and what I should eat. Love it!

  2. Well I would beg to differ on the juxta-what! J/k I thought you could eat what you want now with weight watchers? Okay, maybe I would just do that, I'm such a juxtaposition. Having the two different backgrounds really made a difference in the presentation. Too neat, way to go!! Oh, Stop the temptation!