Friday, May 20, 2011

Ending a Long Week!

I did not particularly have a hard week. But it was a long one. And I am finding myself exhausted. Listening is hard work and I am finding myself empathic to all my friends who do therapy!

One of my rejuvenate myself activities is to bake. (Big secret: this is probably one of the reasons I find weight loss so difficult!) As a child my mom made the most wonderful frosting. It was a simple 7 minute frosting that was made on the stove from egg whites and sugar. Yummy! Unfortunately, I have not had it in years!

So when my mom was here visiting over Mother's Day weekend I asked her to make me some 7 minute frosting. She agreed but then we quickly realized, I do own a hand mixer. My awesome husband upgraded me to a stand mixer a few years ago and I have loved it! Not once have I missed a hand mixer. Until, the night my mom could not make me 7 minute frosting for the lack of one. That night we frosted the cake I made with old yucky tub frosting. (yes, I sound like a frosting snob and I will admit I am one!)

But since then I have craved, craved, craved that gooey frosting!

So, tonight as I am rejuvenating myself, I decide to borrow a hand mixer from my Mother-in-Law and try making the 7 minute frosting by myself. I just put it over a simple box mix.

In the midst of all this, The Short Chic got her first invite to spend the night at a friend's home. She has slept over at Nana's house and Grandma's house but never a friends. So, we are trying it out. The Boy asked to be dropped off at the movies with a group of friends. (it sounds more like a group date than anything.) So the hubby and I are alone. On a Friday night. We have beer. We have a cake with yummy frosting!

7 Minute Frosting

2 egg whites, unbeaten.
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 t light corn syrup or 1/4 t Cream of Tarter
1/3 cup cold water
dash of salt
1 t vanilla

Mix all ingredients except vanilla in the top of a double boiler. Add water to the bottom of the double water and bring to a boil. Beat 1/2 minute on low to blend. Put double boiler over boiling water but make sure the pan does not touch the water. Cook, beating consistently until you have reached stiff peaks. Approximately 7 minutes. Remove from boiling water. Add Vanilla. Beat another 2 minutes. Makes enough to frost a double layer cake.

Let me know if you try it and if you like it!


  1. That cake looks delish! If only I could jump through the screen. Thanks for the recipe I will have to try it!!!

  2. Thanks Amy! I hope you enjoy it! I had so much fun watching The Short Chic lick the beaters! She had it all over her face!