Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fiesta Dinnerwear

I absolutely love bright colors. Which probably makes this choice so much harder!

I have had the same dishes for nearly 15 years. I started off with services for 8 and I am down to service for 6, maybe! I am thinking it might be time to update.

I am strongly considering Fiesta-wear. It is made right here in the USA, it is durable and quality stuff. And the colors! Oh how I love the colors. So, I am wondering, how many of you use Fiesta-wear? And what colors do you have? Did you pick a color scheme or just start collecting any and every color?


  1. Hey Pammie, so glad you liked my Blog-tips post.
    I didn't even think of security when i started blogging, but luckily after only 3-4 months reconsidered my use of the kids' real names. "Luckily" becuase what a JOB to go back through all the old posts and change them all! It took me a while to come up with a good name for my daughter; she started off as Missy... then Princess... then eventually I found myself calling her Miss fab, and it stuck.
    The funny thing is how my kids love their blognames! My son even got his name embroidered on his school cap - "Dash".

    I'll be writing another blog tips post in the next week or so - I get lots of questions about my photo collages, so I'll be doing a toutorial on that :)

  2. Simoney, I LOVE your photo collages and the wonderful borders you use on your photos. I will anxiously await a new lesson!