Sunday, May 1, 2011

Finally... America Celebrates

It is past my bedtime for a work night. But there is no way I am going to bed any time soon.

Can it be?

 Is it true?

Have we really finally achieved some level of justice?

I find it hard to sit and cheer for any one's death, but I still remember the fear I felt the day I watched my country under attack. I still have no words to describe what it felt like the moment I realized the planes that were crashing into the World Trade Center were full of our own people and that a Terrorist was using our own planes, full of our own people to kill many more people. We had no idea how many planes had been hijacked, or what the targets were. The entire country was in fear.

Now, as I am watching the cheering that is occurring on my Facebook, I recognize that we had maybe given up hope of justice.  Years passed, nearly a decade, with false hope and minimal efforts. We have lots loved ones in the military.

But tonight! Tonight, we have news that we have the man who is responsible for the terror to our country; not just once but multiple terror acts! Tonight, we as a county we will celebrate the death of a man. Osama Bin Laden, we claimed our justice. Tonight, as a collective whole we will sing our military's praise!

And as odd as it may sound, tonight I shall say a strong prayer for peace.

Tomorrow, I shall wonder about the global impact Bin Laden's death may have to our country. I shall wonder how organized the terrorist cells are and what retribution they may plan.

But  not Tonight! Tonight, I will think about those who lost their lives or those who lost loved ones on 9-11-2001. Tonight, I will think about the justice we as a country deserve and demanded nearly a decade ago.

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