Sunday, May 1, 2011

Photography Lesson Day 12: Slow

ISO 1600, 5, f:16

The latest assignment in the Opposites Photography class is to slow down the shutter speed and play.  The Boy and I played one night. We used glow sticks. Unfortunately, all I had was skinny bracelet sized glow sticks. So, we put several together and played spelling out MOM. The Boy got pretty good at the M.

As a side note, we also tried sparklers but they produced too much light. I am still surprised they did not set the fire alarms off inside the house. I have since been grounded, my husband says no more fireworks in the house. (party pooper!)

ISO 400, 20, f:8.0
My husband and I played last night. We drug the Short Chic's play house out away from the real house and set candles inside it. It felt all warm and cozy. The Short Chic on the other hand did not like her Momma and Daddy playing outside and her in the house. She cried, "but who is going to watch me, I am just a little girl!" So we bundled her up and took her outside, even though she really did not want to be outside.

After getting the settings right to give me about 20 seconds of "play time" I attempted to draw a stick person outside the house. I am not pleased with how it turned out. But I am posting it so you can see my attempts  to play with slow shutter speed.

ISO 400, 20, f:8.0
You can actually see me in the photo. It was fun to try.

But my real photo came tonight. I was done playing and just wanted to get one good shot. I had thought about driving to our local amusement park and getting some good shots there but that just isn't what happened.

UFC happened. So on the way home from the fights, when I was chilled to the bone. We pulled over along side a not so busy highway and got on one of the overpasses. As I was setting my camera up, a tow truck actually stopped to see if we needed assistance. UM, no thanks I am not in any type of distress just taking photos. They left scratching their heads! So, Anyway!! Here is my shot of traffic. I promise this is a busy highway, 4 lanes, but not a big city interstate.

ISO 200, 30, f:10.0
I am not sure how long the shutter was open. It felt like forever! And I am noticing that nothing else is in focus so I am sure I could have done it better. But I am calling it good on this assignment. I have learned a lot.


  1. FUN FUN FUN! I do wish I had an slr so I could have played around with this assignment!