Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Tonka Truck Birthday Party

Little Tucker turns 1 year old tomorrow and we celebrated today. His momma wanted to have a Tonka Truck party and it was the cutest! Tucker is destined to be the life of any party; he enjoyed eating, singing and most of all dancing at his party.

Here are some photos from his cute party!

Meg's made a cute pennant banner that said Tonka Truck. She also cut out various big trucks and used them too. I love how one letter is a circle and the next is a square!

How cute are these sugar cookies! Almost too cute to eat...Almost!

The big people's birthday cake. 

Both cakes, Tucker's individual cake pan  is in the foreground and the bigger cake in the background. 

Dumpcake served in a dump truck.

At the last minute, the party was moved to the garage. Uncle Gary Lee opened the garage door and how cool did the pennant banner look hanging like that!

The birthday boy himself! He is sporting a handmade shirt by his Momma. Made out of the same material as the banner.

Lots of gifts! He was amazing at opening presents!

Another gift! I hate to say this but a musical birthday card might have received the biggest reaction from him. He was dancing and groovin' all over the place!

CAKE CAKE CAKE. Tucker gets to eat cake! We could not even get a posed photo of him and the cake because as soon as he saw the cake, his fingers were in it!

I am not sure if he enjoyed eating as much as  he enjoyed playing with it!

yummy yummy! He finally picks up a piece of CAKE and not just FROSTING!

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