Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Will YOU help Max Low?

"Mighty" Max Low

 "Mighty" Max Low of Neola, Ia., began battling leukemia shortly after he started kindergarten in 2004.  Today he’s a 12-year-old sixth grader, still battling away at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha. 

Max has endured chemotherapy and other treatments and a “late relapse” through the years. Recent results of chemo had not been promising. On Feb. 15, Max's mother, Bambi, was told to enjoy her final days with her son. But now there are signs of hope.
“Last Monday his bone marrow came back with no cancer,” Bambi said. The possibility of a bone-marrow transplant is on the horizon, with Max's father, Gregory, a 90 percent match. Doctors are waiting to see whether Max can manufacture his own white blood cells.
Meanwhile, Max feels pretty good. Which made it all the harder for Bambi even to tell her son that his condition was classified as terminal.
“You’d never know he’s sick” she said. “He’s not eating so hot. … I didn’t want to tell him that he was going to die.”
“But I feel so good, mom – I feel so good,” Max responded.
The Lows try to maintain as normal a schedule as they can, since this cancer fight has been in their lives for years.  Bambi still drives a school bus 120 miles each weekday to keep working as long as possible, and she and Greg spend about a combined 18 hours a day at the hospital. The road miles do add up.
Max has a wish. He wishes to receive a million cards. Please consider sending him a card today. I also think it would be cool if we could send Max ONE DOLLAR! One of my favorite bloggers, Lisa Bearnson, is always challenging her readers to send children in need a card and ONE DOLLAR. Think of the smile on Max's face after he opens his cards and finds all those DOLLARS! What 12 year old boy would not be excited?
Please send your card to: 
"Mighty" Max Low
P.O. Box 111
Neola, IA 51559

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And PLEASE! if you send Max a card, drop me a line, send me an email, post on facebook. Let me know!

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  1. So touched by Max's story. I sent a 12-year-old appropriate silly dog card this afternoon. Thanks for sharing, Pam.
    --Deb T.