Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Photography Lesson 10: Far

Lesson 10 was about zooming out or backing up. Sometimes it is helpful to capture a little bit of background in the shot.

I am posting a photo I took last summer at Dogwood Canyon south of Branson, Missouri. The entire park is picturesque and absolutely worth stopping by to see. We walked the entire thing, which ended up being 10K.

As a side note, this is about 1 month before my big diagnosis. I can't stand to look at pictures of myself from that vacation because all I can see is my tumor. The bridge is very significant to me, because I had not idea at that time what kinds of bridges I would be crossing.

ISO: 400, 1/500, f:10.0
Even before the photography class, I felt this zoomed in photo of the bridge did not do it justice. 

So I regrouped and came up with this one, which I like much better.
I wanted every detail of this bridge to stay focused in so you could see the detailing of each stone.
ISO: 400, 1/200, f:7.1

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