Thursday, April 21, 2011

Photography Lesson 9: Near

Yes, I know how to count and Yes, I skipped number 8. I have practiced number 8, which is Light. But we have only had one afternoon of light and I under-exposed my subject. I am not admitting defeat, but I am waiting on some sun to practice again.

Tonight's lesson could not have come at a better time! My husband has started making his own flies. He is very proud of them and has asked me to take a few photos of them, mostly so he can post them on Facebook and show his fishing buddies. I enjoy making up silly names for the new flies.

Tonight's lesson was about using manual focus points. This is the second lesson in a row that required me to pull out the owners manual and actually read. But oh the difference in the photos!

I took this photo last night. I named this fly The Bennett, after my husband's most perfect date ever with me (his story, not mine). We took a day trip to Bennett Springs State Park and went fly fishing. Well, he fished, I sat on the bank and read a book and created a nice picnic for us.  BUT, back to the photo. I hated it. I did not like how the camera focused on the vice and not the fly. Can I say, I actually missed the macro button on my old point and shoot camera!

After tonight's lesson, I retook some photos of his flies and this is what I came up with:

ISO 400, 1/15, f/5.6

ISO 400, 1/13, f/5.6
This one is "The Elvis"

Now, both of these are taken at 9:00 p.m. at night and there was no squeezing any natural light out of the dark. So, I did use a flash. I think I will practice some more tomorrow using natural light but I am so impressed with the difference in the detail just by switching the manual focus points! The other thing that I realized after I uploaded to flickr...I left my camera on partial metering (lesson 8) and not back to the recommended metering. But overall, I am happy with the outcomes. Great Lesson Beth!  I officially take back that comment about missing my old point and shoot!


  1. These look good. Your eye is getting stronger and stronger. I like the pic of the last fly, what is that one called? Hairy Bennett? No natural light today but I hope soon!

  2. Melissa, I named the white one "The Elvis". Seems fitting; he is a little flashy and gold. I think he is ready for Vegas.