Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mushroom Hunters!

My Daddy was a mushroom hunter. He took me once. A snake ran across my foot. I yelled so loud, I scared everything in the near vacinity! He never took me again!

Last year, on a spring Sunday, we were sitting around talking about mushroom hunting. We got in the truck and drove to Weston and attempted it. We found 1 mushroom. We found a half dozen ticks. Not a successful trip.

Tonight, we drove back out to Ford Man and the Sister-in-Law's place and they took us mushroom hunting.There were eight of us, 4 adults, 4 young ones. Everyone in Ford Man's family has a special siren noise they make when they find mushrooms. It took no time before the wooded area we were in was screaming with siren noises. In less than two hours we found almost 100 morels. They were some of the fattest morels I have ever seen! I am so looking forward to our next hunting trip! I asked the husband if we could go out again tomorrow.

The elusive Morel Mushroom! Yep, I picked him!

My sister-in-law with her huntin' stick.

Nephew #1.

The short chic. Yes! She is wearing a leotard (on the outside of her clothes) and Barbie mud boots. Her choice.

These three really raked in the mushrooms! Ford Man, Nephew #2, and The Boy

The Boy with sunflower seeds in his mouth. Just in case you all were wondering.

The final product. 

Wayne with two mushrooms.
And at posting time, we have only found 1 tick, and he was not attached.Success!


  1. I think it is that country girl coming out in you. Good blog.

    Chris Cunningham

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