Sunday, April 10, 2011

Photography Lesson 3: In(side)

With this post, I am getting current in my photography lesson! I have debated for two days what indoor photo to use for this assignment. I selected homemade toasted beer bread. I am visiting my friend's lake home and she baked us homemade beer bread last night. Then her husband toasted it in the oven this morning for breakfast. It "smelled" up the house real good! It was also yummy! So now that I have wiped the crumbs from my mouth, I am posting.

ISO 400, 1/15, f/5.6
This photo was taken with a window right behind me. I put myself in between the light source and the subject. 

ISO 400, 1/8, f/8.0
Same bread, this time I am facing the light source. 

We are heading home soon! I will get photos of my weekend posted as soon as possible, and I can't wait to show you all the Birthday Countdown calendar I made this weekend!!

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  1. I miss my morning break! Do you remember the ingredients, I know it's self rising flour, sugar and beer but don't recall the portions!