Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Husband's Other Relationship

Okay, so maybe this relationship is not with another woman.  It is not even with a human. I can tell you this... if it was with a human, I would be totally jealous of all the attention he gives to this relationship. His other relationship is with our lawn!

We bought our home in June 2008 and when we moved in, we realized we had the ugliest lawn on the block. The front yard was a mud pit with no grass. Wayne has spent hours educating himself on lawn restoration. I have no idea how many types of grass seed there are, but he does. He researched each of them. I do not know the benefits/drawbacks to spring planting vs fall planting.  And do not get me started on fertilizer.

Wayne made a decision last year to become best friends with the Grass Pad.  He rented equipment, cut up the yard and started planting seed. He winterized, not the house, the yard before the first snow fall. This spring he fertilized the yard and has attempted to run any moles that were in our yard over the neighbors yards. (sorry!)

I must stay the time, effort, and research really seems to have paid off.  He mowed tonight and the lawn looks amazing!

Before: This is July 2008 In the shadow of this big tree is a large bare spot. There is also a large bare spot up by the steps.

After: April 2011
One very tiny bare spot. Right by the curb.
More After Photos! 

After he mowed the lawn tonight, he tells me that because he was so successful in growing grass, he NEEDS a new lawn mower.  A 6 horse power motor because the one he has now, just struggled cutting through all that grass.

What can a wife do, he said he NEEDED it!

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