Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Our Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 4 Lego Land

On our fourth day of Christmas, the two kids and I headed off to visit Lego Land - Kansas City. One of my wonderful co-workers works part time at Lego Land and they had free passes that were about to expire so she let us go.

I don't know if I was ever huge Lego fanatic but I am always impressed by what can be made out of Lego's. I have visited Lego stores in Minneapolis and Orlando and I have to say Kansas City's Lego Land was pretty impressive.

I snapped photos from one of my favorite rooms in the whole place. It is a room full of Kansas City landmarks all made of Lego's. The room's lights brighten and dim on a regular interval so that you can experience Lego Kansas City by night and day.

By night the Kauffman Preforming Arts Center.

 In the first photo is the National World War 1 Memorial, Union Station, and the Sprint Center to name a few.

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, The Spring Center, and The Kansas City Power and Light Building all by night.

Here is Union Station by day.

 The Sprint Center by day.

 The Western Union building.

Kauffman Stadium: Home of the Kansas City Royals.

 Arrowhead Stadium. We had just played the Colts and I wondered with the kids if they change out the opponents every week based on who The Chiefs are playing.  I also loved that on the concourse of the Lego Arrowhead, the news crews were interviewing our official mascot, The KC Wolf.

 Even the Nelson Atkins Art Museum is represented in Lego Land. I love the picnic on the lawn and the Shuttlecocks! I thought of my dear friend Shannon when I saw this. She works for the Museum and visits this beautiful building all the time.

 The County Club Plaza by day.

 And by night!

Starlight Amphitheater all light up with a concert.

After you walk through the Kansas City Landmarks then you get into Kansas fantasy land. Of course I am talking about The Wizard of Oz!

Aunt Em's house in Kansas being hit by a tornado. The house spins and spins.

We all know the house lands in Munchkinland right on top of the Wicked Witch of the East. If you look super closely you can see her feet sticking out of the house. Then of course, this is where the yellow brick road starts.

 The Yellow Brick roads leads to the Emerald City where the Wizard is located. In the dark spot of the Emerald City was the Wizard and after he asks, "Who dares disturb the great and powerful wizard?" the lights of that section come one and you can see the crew standing there {Dorothy, Toto, the Lion, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man}.

The final Wizard of Oz scene is the castle they find the Wicked Witch of the West in. As the soldiers march inside you hear the Witch scream out, "I'm melting, I'm melting!" There is a tiny lift that lowers Witch so she in fact looks like she is melting!

There you have a short glimpse at our Lego Land experience. There were other cool experiences; rides, games, play area's, movies, and building available. The Short Chic has just started playing with Lego's. She loves the Friend's line so she was happy to see Olivia there as well!

Thank you, Tammy for the awesome passes!

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  1. Thank you...that was great! I'm a native Kansas Citian, born there 86 years ago this Nov.; been away 20 years. I recognize the older landmarks, like the Western Auto building, The Liberty Memorial, Union Station & Power & Light Building. Some others I have never seen. Thanks, again!