Monday, December 16, 2013

Our Christmas Photo Shoot

Every year I put together a calendar for our extended family. I include moments from the previous year as well as birthday's and anniversary dates of members from both sides of our family.

We usually stage a Christmas photo to include in the calendar because the calendar needs to go to print prior to Christmas.

This year I was inspired by fake Royal Family Christmas Photos. Have you seen them? They show Royal Look-Alikes sharing a Christmas moment. If you have not seen them you can check them out here. This is one of my favorites:


This past weekend, we staged our own family scene. I think the outtakes are just as funny as the staged photo.

 The Boy did not like the first pose so he asked us for a second pose. This is his and The Husband's favorite:

Cute but nothing like the fake Royals. Luckily for me the calendar has only one editor: ME!

After the serious photos, the silliness began!

The Husband pretended to kiss The Boy.

Then he decided he wanted a Odd Cat Photo of himself. I think he has been surfing too much internet.

Honestly, The Husband HATES having his photo taken. I think his cooperation was a form of mockery.

The Husband and The Short Chic.

The good news for all of us, the calendar is finished and was sent off today to be printed!

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