Saturday, December 28, 2013

Elf On The Shelf 2013: Week 4

Our final week with our Scout Elf, Isabella, has come and gone.  Isabella is back at the North Pole with Santa, having finished another successful Christmas season of scouting for Santa.

Day 22: Isabella discovered there were other elves in our house. She met the Rice Krispies elves: Snap, Crackle, and Pop! Although I am not sure what she did to Crackle and she decided to take his place on our cereal box!

Day 23: We had a family Christmas celebration on the night of Day 22. Meaning we were up late. We also had a snow storm that night. Meaning the entire family got up early to check out the snow that had fallen. Unfortunately, The Short Chic noticed Isabella had not moved overnight between Day 22 and Day 23. 

I tried to explain that Isabella had been up late scouting the snow storm for Santa's arrival. Luckily for me, Isabella moved herself to our Christmas tree while we were off visiting Grandma. She did a good job of hiding there too, The Short Chic had a hard time finding her!

Day 24: I think Isabella felt like she deserved a day of pampering, relaxing, and sunbathing. She hung out under a lamp, sipping a drink and reading the paper all day long!

Day 25: The Short Chic knew exactly where to look for Isabella on Christmas Eve. She remembered that last year Isabella was sitting right by the fireplace waiting for Santa to return. And sure enough, that is where she found Isabella this year.

This Christmas Eve, Isabella took a moment to remind us of why we were celebrating Christmas to begin with. She sat up our Nativity Scene and was found holding Baby Jesus...right by our fireplace.

On Christmas Eve, all the Scout Elves hop a ride back to the North Pole with Santa so they don't need much Christmas magic as they are not flying back by themselves. This gives each boy and girl an opportunity to say good-bye to their Scout Elf.

The Short Chic gave Isabella a hug and promised to be good until she saw her again!

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