Monday, December 2, 2013

Pick Your Plum Grab Box

I have been a registered "Plumster" for a few years now.

Are you a "Plumster"?

Pick Your Plum is a daily deal site; for women! Sometimes they have kids clothing. Next time they have hats or scraves. Or baking supplies. Or crafting supplies. They send me an email every single day and I love to open my mail and explore what is on sale!

A couple of times a year they sell grab boxes. They are the kind of system crashing, make your computer do funny things kinda sales. They are usually very limited and are on a first come first grab basis.  Pick Your Plum cleans out their warehouse and puts a ton of Plums in a box. The box is valued at $80.00 but sells for $30.00.

This past week I secured my very first grab box!! It was shipped promptly and it arrived faster than fast. I thought I would show you what came in my grab box.

 The box was a medium flat rate box.

 It was stuffed to the very top of the box!

Inside the box was full of treasures! There were four numbered hooks, three mini notebooks, a set of pink and silver dangle bracelets, ten rolls of colored thread,and  two mini chalkboards.

But wait! There is more!!!

Three office supplies (ruler, post it notes), LOTS of cupcake decorative wrappers, a turquoise infinity scarf, a grey Chevron pillow case, and a canvas wall organizer in cute polka-dots.

A decorative necklace, three cupcake wrappers, pink Chevron wrapping paper, two turquoise neck ties, and a pair of red lace leggings.

And finally; two rolls of decorative tape, three different pink stripped disposable water vases, four different colors and multiple snack boxes, and a small bag of DIY naked wooden tile pendants.

There you have it. My first Plum grab box.  I believe the next round of grab boxes will come after the new year.  If you get one, share yours with me!

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