Saturday, December 7, 2013

Elf on the Shelf: 2013 Week 1

Our scout elf returned last week, and in my opinion at the most perfect time! The oldest one had begun to neglect his chores and the youngest one had gotten a tad bit too sassy.  The scout elf has sure brought about a change in behavior!

In case you all have forgotten, our scout elf is named Isabella.  Here are some photos from her first week back!

Day 1: Last Saturday November 30, we were very busy that day. We brought the mail in but then we were not home for the rest of the day (we went and saw Disney's Frozen with friends). When we did get home, we found Isabella had broke out of the package she had been shipped with! She was holding a calendar that had the days counted off till she returned to our home.

Day 2: Isabella surprised us all with breakfast! She brought us bagels, cream cheese, fruit, juice, and of course hot chocolate! What a pretty table she set!

I know I appreciated not having to make breakfast that morning!

The family absolutely enjoyed the meal!

Day 3: Well, it did not take long for the games to begin! On our third day, Isabella conducted a "panty raid!"

She rifled through the kid's rooms and found their underwear and hung them on the Christmas tree as garland! Thank goodness she found the clean ones!

Day 4:  Isabella made friends with the new heard of My Little Pony's that have come to live in this house since the last time she was here. I think they must have liked her, they crowned her the new Queen of Ponyland. Well, at least for a short period of time! I guess Queen Isabella took a liking to Pinky Pie.

Day 5: Isabella caught up with some old friends and hung out at the Princess Castle.  She loved being upstairs in The Short Chic's bedroom. I think she was scouting for Santa to see how clean The Short Chic has been keeping her bedroom!

Day 6: After all the reunions and socializing, Isabella just took a day to rest. She hung out on my "pretty" wall. She kept busy just looking at how different the house is this year compared to last year. 

 Day 7: On the last day of this week we found Isabella hanging with Frosty the Snowman. She was knitting him a scarf so he could keep warm. I like that she is reminding us to do nice things for others this holiday season!

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