Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Tale of SassyShoeDiva and KCBikerGuy

This may sound like a commercial but I have to admit, I met my husband on

my Pinterest inspired anniversary photo!

The year was 2005. I had been a single mom since 1998 and I was ready to share my life with someone. But, being a single mom, my only interaction was with people at work. (Have I told you all I am social worker? Which means I work with mostly women!) I was done with bar scene. I did not have an endless supply of single friends to introduce me to their single friends. And to top if off, the pizza delivery guys were just too young for me.

So, I put an ad on Online I became SassyShoeDiva. My first night I did a quick search of men who lived within 10 miles on my home and I found KCHarleyGuy. I winked at him. The next day, he emailed me. But so did a lot of other men. It was kinda overwhelming. But this one stood out. We spent a lot of time chatting, emailing, and talking on the phone.

KCHarleyGuy's bike. Taken at the first bike rally we attended as a couple,
three months of dating

Sassy Shoe Diva and KCHarleyGuy had their first date on a Thursday. He melted my heart the minute I opened the door. He had these massive big arms. And these soft brown eyes. He picked me up on his Harley and we went out for ice cream. I had never been on a motorcycle before. He had to tell me to change my shoes. I did not even own a pair of tennis shoes at this point!  He was not happy about the cropped pants I was wearing but we compromised.  I found a pair of closed toe shoes with minimal heel and I got to keep the cropped pants as long as I wore a jacket.

KCBikerGuy's hibiscus plants. This is just like the flower he gave me  on our date.

When we got to the ice cream shop, he opened his side saddle and handed me a gorgeous bright yellow hibiscus flower he had grown himself. He melted my heart again! We stayed up so late talking. He was so comfortable!  That night he "left" behind his t-shirt. (Oh, this is not an x-rated story, he was wearing a long sleeved shirt over his short sleeved short for riding!) I knew that was a good sign that he wanted to see me again as much as I wanted to see him.

Two days after our first date, we randomly ran into each other at my local Quick Trip (convenience store). I found out it was his Quick Trip too. We lived less than 3 miles from each other, visited the same Quick Trip all the time, and met each other on!! How funny was that!  That day, at Quick Trip, he gave me a hug and said, "We are going to have fun together." I walked away thinking, "yes, we are!"

That weekend, he was out of town on a bike ride. I had multiple dates with other men from Match. None of them measured up to KCHarleyGuy. He called me when he got home from his bike ride. And he kept calling me. By the end of the next week, we were dating. We tease each other that was just a few months ago. But truth be told, it was six years ago.

We both signed up for three months of We both cancelled after the first month.

SassyShoeDiva married KCHarley Guy in 2007. He continues to melt my heart.

Today we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. Sometime during my chemotherapy my fingers changed. I could no longer wear my wedding band/engagement ring. So, I told KCHarleyGuy that the only thing I wanted for our anniversary was to be able to wear my rings again. He took me back to our Jeweler and paid for a re-sizing and for the rhodium plating to be replaced.  My rings now fit and are just as sparkly as the day he gave them to me.

When we got married, we picked out a ring of Titanium for him. It looked cool but it was the wrong size and kept falling off of his finger. So, it ended up hanging on my jewelry stand. In addition to working on my rings, we also purchased him a brand new white gold simple band. One that fits! He promises to look married to me from here forward.

Thank you KCHarleyGuy! You have completed my life. You are my voice of reason to my reactionary self. You let me fly as high as I want to but pull me back down when I need it the most. You are my rock.  


  1. I love your story, Pamela! Happy anniversary to you guys!!!

  2. Congratulations!! Such a sweet story!!

  3. Love your story. I never knew how you met. You should be on a commercial.

  4. I love your story and of course it made me cry but believe it or not, the best is YET to come! Fly as high as you want :) xoxo