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Orange, Pink, and Green Little Girls Room

Drumroll please!

After nearly two months of working on this project, I am calling it good. (well maybe not, but for my husband's benefit today I am calling it good!)

My daughter, The Short Chic, is three and half years old. Up to the point of starting this project, she did not sleep in her own bed. She slept with my husband and I. In an attempt to whoo her into her own bedroom, I decided to give her a "new" bedroom.

Her "old" bedroom was smaller. Way too small for her and all of her toys. So, I turned my spare bedroom into her "new" bedroom.  Her favorite colors are orange and green. One day watching television, I saw an advertisement.  I have no idea what the ad was for, I was fixated on the painting in the background. Thank goodness for DVR, I immediately paused the image and sat staring at it forever.

A plan developed in my head.

I cautiously emailed my husband and told him I wanted to paint diamonds onto my daughters room. It is a good thing we were miles apart and communicating through the internet otherwise he would have been yellin! I gave him some space and started to do my research. I found a blog that gave instructions on how to paint an argyle wall. To my surprise, it is a blog I follow. Design Dazzle not only give instructions and photos they also have a link to a calculate that totally helped us paint diamonds on one wall of our "new" bedroom.
 I chose one wall to be our focal point. It was painted a darker shade of orange than the other three. After we had the base color of the accent wall painted, we measured the wall off into squares. Inside each square, we found the center, connected the dots and made a diamond. We have three rows of diamonds and about 7 columns. I decided to use three colors; The base color, a pink and a green. I taped off and painted each color one at a time.

 My Short Chic was really into the idea of helping create her "new" room. Unfortunately, painting just was not going to be the way she helped. Precision is not in her vocabulary right now.
 After the second color was dried, I taped off for the third and final color. I have to admit it was sometimes confusing to keep all the lines straight.
This is the final accent wall look.

My next project was refinishing her letters. She had wooden letters that spell out her name in her "old" bedroom but they were now the wrong color. I blogged about her letters here.  I love the overall look and so happy I tried my hand at mod podging!

I next took a stab at curtains. My first attempt failed miserably. Then, I was talking to my Mom on the phone and she mentioned something about just dying the curtains. Another light bulb came one and I started over again. I dyed plain white cotton tab panel curtains orange. The looked good. Just not enough. So, I sewed on several rows of different types of ribbon. These curtains, I love! Well, except maybe I can't sew a straight line, which is why I am only showing you one part of the curtain up close. Don't want you pointing out my sewing errors!  I was so happy to find butterfly curtain rods at Target.

My next project was a tutu table that I blogged about here.  I am loving Pinterest and have to say it has been a huge source of inspiration for me!

I found the cute orange lamp at TJ Max for only $30.00 Could not have been a more perfect find!

I also found this crown at Hobby Lobby. When I bought it, it was gold. Knowing that it did not match our decor so much, I spray painted it bright pink. I hung it right above her full length mirror. Every little Princess should have a crown, right?

Then I made this cute bow holder. I took an unfinished wooden frame from Hobby Lobby and painted it white. Then I stapled ribbon to it and hung her bows up. When I put all of her bows in one spot I realized I might have an addiction to bows.
The next project was also something inspired by a blogger. I begged my husband to put up rain-gutter shelving in her bedroom.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought it would turn out as cute as it did!  A ten foot section of rain-guttering cost less than $6.00. My husband cut it in half, enough for two shelves. We purchased end caps for $6.00 each (total $12.00 as we had two shelves). Then we purchased four support brackets at $2.30 each. The total cost for these two shelves was less than $30.00 and that includes the stickers I added afterwards to make it look all cute!

The final piece was finding the perfect bedding. It came last night in a box from Overstock. I had picked out some bedding when I started this project two months ago but it was not my favorite. I was happy to find something I liked much better  on

I hinted in the beginning I might have other ideas for the room. I would still like to put in some type of closet organization. This Short Chic has a lot of clothing!

So now that I have you bored stiff: here are the photos of the finished room:

And the end of this story: The Short Chic has slept in her own room, in her own bed since we finished the painting in her room. It makes my heart swell every time someone new comes to our home and she ushers them upstairs to "see her new room!"  I also decided to keep the bulk of toys out of her room. Instead, I am converting the closet in her "old" room into a play closet. 

I am going to take some time off from decorating this room and enjoy the fall. My next project, turning her "old" room into a guest bedroom.

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  1. Wow, you should be proud! Any girl would love it, lucky Short Chic!!

  2. Fantastic, as if we would expect anything less from you. You are amazing.
    Oh, now that you're finished.....when will we scrapbook again?
    Lori Smith

  3. That is awesome, the pic of her on her bed is priceless!

  4. Pamela!! it is BEAUTIFUL! Wow, very impressive. and Miss O's haircut is darling!

  5. You can always work as an interior designer if the social work thing gets old!! Looks GREAT!

  6. Oh gosh Pam its beautiful, I LOVE the colours and all the detail you've put into it. Can you come to New Zealand and do my kids rooms? Hehe.

  7. Thank you all! I am not good with color, nor have I ever done anything like this before. But I am very pleased with how it turned out!

    And Lori, as far as scapbooking, we need to do it soon!

  8. Friend, I am so very impressed! But of course wouldn't expect anything less! You did a wonderful job!!!

  9. BEAUTIFUL!!!! You did an amazing job!!

  10. I love it! :) you did a great job! She is so lucky!

    Philicia Sule


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