Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hungry In Portland? Head to a Pod!

My Girls Weekend has been so much fun!

We are in Portland, Oregon.

One of the truly unique things about Portland are the food carts.

I am sure every city has some food carts. I know Kansas City does. Denver does. But man: nothing beats the food carts here!

Food carts rent space inside a parking lot. Carts often form a pod. A pod is a collection of several food carts in one parking lot. The carts are amazing and vary in type of food they serve. Some carts only serve one item. Others have a small menu.

Since being in Portland we have had the majority of our meals from different pods in different parts of the city. We have been downtown. To the Southeast. And this morning we will be heading to breakfast in the NE.

Last nights pod in the SE had ten carts in one pod. They had an ice cream cart, a pie cart (sweet and savory pies), wood grilled pizza, Indian food, Central American cuisine, Fusion, A Waffle cart (yes, they put sweet or savory food in a waffle),a beer cart, and a mac and cheese cart (just to name a few).

I have eaten so many different types of food. Met some of the most unique people. Young or at least young at heart entrepreneurs just trying to live a dream.  I am leaving Portland today, wondering, how to do formal restaurants survive here? 

On our last day in Portland, we woke up to rain (I think it rains a lot there!) The rain did not deter us one bit from getting in our last meal at a pod. This time in the cities Northeast section.

This pod had several carts designated with breakfast food.

Koi Fusion was closed, so we did not get to try it. But what a pretty cart!

The girls opted to get savory waffles from Big Top Waffles. They also had sweet waffles.

Miss Medical Student got a savory waffle with cream cheese, spinach, tomato, and two over easy eggs on top!

While our friend Leslie opted for greek yougurt, banana's, strawberries, and fresh granola on hers.

I on the other hand, stopped by The Big Egg for a PDX sandwich. Toast, grainy mustard, cheese, bacon and eggs!

 I am absolutely leaving Portland happy and totally in love with the Food Pods! Who knows, maybe some day, I will move to Portland and run a food cart!

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  1. I want to go to Portland now! Pods sound amazing! I don't think I'd ever want to leave!