Sunday, October 16, 2011

Preparing for Halloween

I made good use of the day to decorate for the upcoming spooky event called HALLOWEEN!

I have spent so much time focusing on The Short Chic's bedroom,I neglected Halloween.  I found that most of the good decorations are gone! The aisles at Michaels and Hobby Lobby are full of Christmas.

I pulled out all of my Halloween storage boxes yesterday and started digging in. Right in the middle of box two, The Short Chic brought over three of her little neighborhood friends. The oldest one took one look at my living room and said, "Man, your house is messy!"  What I really wanted to say to this pint sized adult is that she should learn to not speak so freely in strangers homes, but what I said out loud is, "Well, yes, I am in the process of decorating."

So today, I have decorated and cleaned.

I put the football games on three different TV's and wondered around the house from one project to the next. In the end, my house is clean. And spooky!

Normally my husband has a rather large framed diploma in this spot. Today, while he was napping, I moved it. I keep expecting a rather large yell but he has not said a word.  I found these window panes at a yard sale. I bought 4 of them for $1.00.

Vinyl lettering behind my couch.

How cute is this Frankenstein candy bowl. I found him last year on clearance and he has been in storage waiting for his debut.

 This is my entryway table. A silver sparkly skull, a rat and a black chandelier. Cute. Wait, I mean SPOOKY!
 My new door wreath. I found the inspiration for this on Pinterest. But try as I might, all the black sparkly skulls were gone. So I have used black crows. They kinda blend in among the feathers. Overall, it looks good on my door.
My kitchen table. A jar of skulls. Two glitter pumpkins, a silver skull, and a rat.

To further get us in the spirit of Halloween, my husband took me on a date last night. We went to the local high school to watch a drama class' production of Dracula. We decided to take The Short Chic with us. Our logic was how scary can a high school play really be?

Well, the play started off with actors running from the back of the theatre to the front, screaming as loudly as they could! The Short Chic just happened to be sitting backwards in her chair at this time and saw them coming just seconds after we heard them. I just kept whispering to her, "they are just pretending, they are just pretending!"

We were also very excited to find out that one of the actors was The Short Chic's dance instructor. She is also the daughter of one of my husband's friends.

When the production dimmed the lights to change the set, she whispered back to me, "I do not like it when it is dark." I told her they turned the lights off so we could not see what they were doing. The next time they turned the lights off, she said, "they do not want us to see what they are doing!"

She was also very concerned when the actors left the stage. "Mommy, are they coming back?" I told her yes, we would see them again. For the rest of the play, she kept saying, "don't worry, they will be back."

This morning I asked her if she liked the play and she said "YES! It was a little spooky but it was just pretend!"  She told me she thought her dance teacher, Miss Leah, was a very pretty princess and she loved her dress. Princess? I did not have the heart or knowledge to explain that Miss Leah was not a Princess. She was a vampire!!

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