Saturday, October 1, 2011

GNO, Barbecue,and a Good Time

If the people of Kansas City know one thing better than all things, we know barbecue.

And our barbecue is on display this weekend loud and proud!

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This weekend, The American Royal kicked off with it's American Royal Barbecue. Located in Kansas City's west-bottoms  you will find amateur and professional smokers rule this weekend.

 I feel almost un-Kansas Citian to tell you all that I have never been to the Royal before. Some girlfriends and I were planning a GNO (that would be what they call a girls night out for those of you like me, who never get out). Instead of kicking up our heels at a local 80's dancing club, we were offered free tickets to the Royal and one of the many private parties going on. You say free food and free drinks. We say YES!!

What can I tell you about this event?

1. Well, it is HUGE! According to the American Royal's official website there are over 500 teams who compete in this bbq event each year. Then you add in all the corporations who are there just to support and celebrate the Royal, you end up with nearly a thousand little parties going on. These parties are catered and even have live entertainment.

2. The FOOD is the star of the show!  The party we were invited to was catered by The BBQ Shack from Paola, Kansas. They served us yummy pork and the most insanely yummy smoked baked potatoes. No one is saying how many calories or fat grams were in those potatoes, but you know, what happens on a GNO is a secret!  I have no real idea where Paola, Kansas is at, but I am sure it is worth any amount of driving to get another bit of those potatoes!

3. This is a COMPETITION! While there maybe a lot of dancing, laughing,and catching up going on, there is some serious smokin' going on too.  The rules of the competition is that each team has to smoke at least ten pounds of meat. Teams from all over want a chance to bring home those ribbons and trophies. I have a good friend, who is certified by the  Kansas City Barbecue Society. He has served as a judge for the Royal in the past. I sure thought about him a lot last night. Harry, you would have loved it!

4. You must get creative when selecting a TEAM NAME! Oink, Moo, and Cock-a-doodle Doo, Do The Hockey Smokey, This Little Piggy Got Smoked, and Silence of the Ham are just a few of the teams competing at The Royal. We ladies had a good time just walking around looking at the names of each team.

I would like to say THANK YOU to my dear friend Shannon for inviting us to the Royal. A big THANK YOU to Marnie for planning a GNO! And to LaVona and Julie, it was really nice hangin' with both you gals!

If you did not make it to the American Royal this weekend, don't worry. This event kicks off a month long celebration of Kansas City agricultural heritage. You still have time to get tickets to other totally cool events.

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