Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween: Chapter 2

I showed you all my Short Chic's Halloween costume (check it out here).  She is going to be Princess Jasmine.

But I need to show you all The Boy's costume.

These costumes have been months in the making. NO, silly! They are not that elaborate. The story has been developing over the past several months.

The Easter Bunny gave The Short Chic a Disney Princess CD this past year. We listen to it a lot. And being in gender roles BIG TIME, The Short Chic will only allow The Boy to sing along to songs that have a boy in them.

Quickly, A Whole New World has become their song.

So, she is Princess Jasmine and she asked her brother to be Aladdin.

Here is my  her Aladdin!

His costume was super easy. A pair of  old pants. His brown loafers. And two t-shirts. One purple, one brown. I just took a pair of scissors to the t-shirts and started cutting. I turned the purple one into a vest. I cut a ring around the brown one to make a belt.

Do you all remember in the late 80's and early 90's when those stretchy knit belts were in style? Well, I remember them and fashioned his belt after them.

Next on her list?

She wants to turn the family dog into Princess Jasmine's pet tiger!

Stay tuned, this saga is not over yet!

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  1. this looks great!!! You are totally impressive!