Sunday, October 9, 2011

Operating Without a License

Every Sunday I love watching football. Not because I have a favorite team or favorite player to cheer on. It is my nap time. The men in my house are entertained, the Short Chic plays quietly and no one cares if I slip off into dreamland.

This Sunday, as I woke up from my nap, I thought I would make homemade ice cream sandwiches as a treat to everyone for letting me sleep. The Short Chic runs into the kitchen and says, "Mommy, I have been playing beauty shop!" Of course, I play along. After all I just recently learned that playing along with their fantasy play is good for their little brains. So, I respond, "Great, can you do my hair?" She replies, "well, it is a hair cutting store, see?"

And before my eyes, she is holding out one of her piggy tales. On one side of her head, the perfect Nellie Olsen curls are gone and she is holding a stub of hair right below the rubber band. She offers to take me to her salon, aka her bedroom, and proudly shows off my best crafting scissors and several locks of her now gone curls.

After I yelled at The Husband. After The Husband yelled at The Short Chic, we decide to head out to get her hair fixed by a professional; one with a license. But not before a mug shot:

The hair dresser did his best not to laugh. He also reminded me that everyone tries to cut their hair at least once. I told him I was just praying this is not the end of her curly locks.

She has never sat so calm and still to get her hair cut before. He also told The Short Chic that the law requires a license to cut hair and she might want to save running a salon until she had one.

Her hair use to come down to the middle of her back when it was wet. Now, maybe her shoulders. The bright side: preschool photos were last week.


  1. Funny! He's right. Everyone does it once. And pictures were done. My son did it the morning before we were to take family pictures. And immediately after we had just gotten back from getting our hair fixed for the picture

  2. I know it's of my daughters managed to do this twice! You are very lucky she didn't cut it to the scalp (That's pretty hard to cover up). The new "Do" is really cute, so it ended up well. She is a doll!

  3. Oh my! My neurotic, picture taking,  scrapbooking obsessed, friends' daughter did the same thing on the morning of her 2nd birthday. Momma had a total meltdown.  You seem to have handled that one well!!!    Love your blog by the way!  

  4. Oh, Pam...It's been over 20 years and I still remember the horror of my girls' haircut work!! In fact, I remember my little sis and her 'carcrash' bangs waaay in the past. I think she had them SEVERAL times (slow learner?) And as was said above, at least she didn't try for a buzz cut, right?
    This, too, will pass.... And the Chic is too cute for a bad hair day.

  5. As I look at her today, I am very sad. Her hair is very straight now with a TINY bit of wave. I am worried those pretty curls are gone forever. I was not ready for them to leave!

  6. Pam, curls or no is hair and your short chic has much personality regards the length of her hair. Good thing you didn't wake up with hair missing. Her outcome may not have been so good.