Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Small Town Fun

I have been on vacation for the past several days. It has not seemed like much of a vacation as I have been working here at home harder than I work at my job! I will more of house projects in a later post!

Late Sunday we decided to take a break from the vacation work and go visit my mother. She lives in Dawn. From the photo you can notice it is such a small town it does not warrant a population sign. While in Dawn we do things for fun we can't do in the city.

The Boy/Husband practice target shooting, IN THE BACK YARD! I believe this might be the first time The Boy has shot his gun since he got it for Christmas. I have absolutely no idea how well he shot.  I do want all of you who happen to be stopping by to please notice that safety is important in our house when handling guns. (Yes I took a photo of The Boy down range but the gun was empty and on safety.)

We also attended a small town homecoming. This small town happened to be the town of Wheeling. My mother is a sucker for a baby show. This year she had two granddaughters to enter into the show.

So here is the Short Chic on the far left. She took 2nd. The little girl on the far right took First. And the girl in the  cowboy boots second to the right took third. The little girl who won first was a hometown girl.

The entire stage. 

The Short Chic leaving the stage after winning 2nd.

Here is Miss Short Chic after the contest. She is showing off her Toddlers and Tiara's stance!

After the baby show, we hung around for the parade. I am a sucker for a small town parade!  We ended up running into some cousins and watched the parade with them.
This years theme was the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. It was a very nice parade. They started it off as most small town parades start off, with the  Star Spangled Banner, The presentation of the flags, and honoring our local Veterans.

The Short Chic got to meet the clown. We have not met too many clowns in our short life and I was proud of her because she was not scared at all!

A pretty smile and a wave increases your likelihood of getting candy!

We had lots of down time to play on the school-yard type equipment. Some of it we had never seen before. They had a giant piece of plastic drainage pipe the kids could roll around in. Everyone thought that was amazing! Then they had this old metal swing type piece of equipment. The Boy found it fun!

They had two giant slides that The Short Chic went up and down so many times I lost count! They were so high, I had visions of broken bones all day!

 In the end, small town events mean fun times with your friends and loved ones. The Boy has missed his Uncle very much and enjoyed spending as much time as he could with him!
And of course, a "festible" as The Short Chic calls it means face painting.


  1. First I want to say Congrats to the Short Chic. She's always a first place chic in my book! Okay, your boys look like pro's with their toys, I'm scared!! So glad you had a great vaca within a vaca!

  2. I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I look forward to your blogs! I love your stories and photos:)

  3. I'm torn between loving that your Chic enjoyed her small town pageant, and the horrifying idea that she has a 'Toddlers & Tiaras' stance!!
    (LOL) Have a great vacation week!!
    deb t

  4. Deb, I promise the "Toddlers and Tiarra'" stance is more about poking fun than anything!