Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Color

The seasons have changed. Our days are shorter. The air is crisper. The trees have started to turn colors.

I have no idea when this tree turned from green to red. I did not even notice this tree, even though I drive by it every single day on my way to work. I do not think I have noticed up to this point because of the time of sunrise. It is happening later. Have you noticed? Of course you have, how could you not notice we are rising in the dark?

I noticed it this week because the sun shine pours onto it first thing in the morning. The entire tree looks like it is ablaze. Any other time, it is just an ordinary tree whose leaves have turned red. But in the morning, it demands attention. The first day I noticed it, I actually slammed the brakes on!  I feel blessed that I have seen it ablaze. When it is at it's peak.

So, I ask, are you seeing things at their peak?  Too many times we focus on a persons low points and fail to recognize them when they are at their peak. Take a moment this weekend and enjoy someone in their peak. Share a moment with those you love.

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