Saturday, September 17, 2011


Another sign of fall; homecoming. It is homecoming weekend. I could not attend my own high school's homecoming because my son had his first homecoming weekend.

The football game was last night. We won! Our home team is now 4-0.

Tonight is the dance. It is so much easier to get a boy ready for a dance than it is a girl. I should not gloat too much, The Short Chic will not stay short forever. Our largest stressor getting ready for this dance; getting our dry cleaning back from the dry cleaners. We took The Boys suit and dress shirt in on Tuesday and we were told it would be back by 2:00 on Friday. When I went to pick it up at 5:30 Friday, only the suit was back. They told me the shirt would be back Saturday morning. Well it was not. So they promised me they would deliver it by 4:00 on Saturday. ONE HOUR before we were to arrive at the date's home.

The rest of the day was spent doing regular household errands. We picked up the date's corsage. We grocery shopped. The Boy napped. We watched football. And the whole time I worried we did not have a back up for the dress shirt. 4:00 p.m. came and went. No shirt. Now they promised me by 4:20. The Boy leisurely got ready. Even The Husband was worried. He was so ready to get in his truck and go to the cleaners to yell at them. I asked that he wait. But I love the fact that he was ready to go!  They arrived at 4:21 p.m. with our shirt.

The Boy's date for homecoming is a beautiful young lady. Her parents invited us over for photos.
They exchanged pretty flowers. The floral shop owner told The Boy that their flowers would look nothing like else at the dance. The date's dress was very pretty. It looks blue in all of these photos but it is really purple (The Boy loves K-State!). The hem line had a little toe peep in the front and a built in train in the back.

The proud parents got in for some photos before we left to go meet the large group. Eighteen young people where to meet for photos and dinner before the dance. That is correct, 18!!

The gathering of the 18 was quiet comical. The girls on one side of the cul-de-sac; the boys on the other. You would have thought they were back in elementary school!

It only takes a parent to get it rolling. Then soon all the boys and girls are posing. With a large amount of silliness!
I think this might be my favorite photo of The Boy and his date.

Or maybe this one?

 All the couples. There ended up being only 17 young adults (a last minute broken heart caused one of the girls to be solo.)
The entire group. That is The Boy and his date two from the left. They left to go to dinner together. With little adult supervision. I am praying they manage their money well and don't leave a $20 tip for a $10 meal. The dance starts at 8:00. There is a post party...somewhere. I drew the late night card. Meaning, I get to pick them up from the dance and drive them to the after party.

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