Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Up-cylced Letters

I have been remaking my Short Chic's bedroom. Her favorite colors are Orange and Green. It took a moment for me to figure out the whole color scheme, but I got it.

We put these letters up in her nursery some four years ago. They were painted purple. She has grown out of her nursery and the purple color scheme. But,I love this letters so I had to decide what to do with them to incorporate them into her big girl room.

I found  a stack of scrapbooking paper that was all pink, orange, and green. PERFECT!!

The rest was pretty easy. I traced the letters onto the paper. Cut out the paper letters. Mod podged the paper to the wooden letters. Then added more mod podge. I let it dry. Trimmed it all up using an exacto knife. Then I added embellishments, which I already had on hand in my scrapbookin' stash.

The end results, totally reinvented, upcylced letters for The Short Chic's bedroom! I  am looking forward to showing you all the rest of her new bedroom soon!

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