Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Patterns are Hard!

Those people who enjoy exercise, get a rush from it, just totally amaze me! I made a committment on Monday to walk for 30 minutes every day and so far this week, I have kept that committment. In fact, I have made my way into West Virginia on my quest to walk across the USA this year. But, it is STILL a challenge everyday. I have to wonder how long until I become one of those Exercise Fans? Will I ever become a fan?

I am really loving the website . It is so simple to use and has been way easy to track my food intake and exercise.  I am pretty proud of myself for following through with both the walking and the tracking.  However, this still does not touch the biggest accomplishment I have had this week; I have yet to eat red meat.

Research shows that being overweight is a red flag for Cancer. So is a diet high in red meat. I am actively addressing both of these. I have no intent to give up red meat (as I am typing this, a steak sounds so good!) but I do plan to minimize by consumption of it.  I have made some good choices here this week: I opted for ricotta cheese instead of meatballs in my pasta. I opted for a turkey burger instead of a hamburger.

I am weighing in on Monday, and I will let let you all know how I did on the scale this week.


  1. Excellent idea! I'm finding it sooooo hard getting rid of chemo weight. Its all sitting on my tummy...grrr.

  2. Mon, I was so sick with chemo I dropped 20 pounds. But I have gained back 1/2 of that in my official celebration month (the month after ending radiation). Are you still doing chemo? Myfitnesspal is like facebook in that you can have "friends" to support you. If you decide to do it, look me up! I am Pammiej2002. Good luck with that tummy-let me know what works so I can get rid of mine too!

  3. You are a superstar in so many ways girl! I'm so proud of your accomplishments this week. That is so great to hear that you walked 30mins everyday this week.