Friday, February 11, 2011

8th Grade Dance

Today, I am thankful to have a teenage boy and not a teenage girl. I do realize that one day I will have a teen girl, but not today!

Tonight is the big 8th grade dance for my son's school. It is the school's big celebration that the kids are over half way finished with elementary school and will soon transition to high school. In fact, this past Thursday was freshman enrollment.

While Jacob's "mean" mom made him finish out the school day, many of the young women going to the dance checked out of school early. Many had to tan. Most had to get their nails done. Oh, and you know they all got their hair professionally done. Right now I am wondering, do you hair stylist love this day or dread it?

While the girls were running around getting extra pretty tonight, things on my end were pretty easy. The boy showered. We watched a you tube video on how to tie a tie. Wayne is the only person in our household who knows how and he was not home from work. I actually think I could do it now by myself.  That really is about it. Well, Jacob did probably check and double check his hair a few dozen times.
We made a quick stop by his date's home to take photos and exchange flowers, then off to dinner the young ones went. The boy and his date met up with four others a local Mexican restaurant. Of course, we tagged along as well as the date's mom.

This mom separated from the young one's at the restaurant. They all got a ride from another mom and headed to the dance. They plan to head to the movies after the dance. I hope no adults were planning to see the new Justin Bieber tonight. Of course, they all still need drivers, so you know Wayne and I will be up late driving kids around.

So, one final thought. I want to say thank you to my mom for all the dress making, hair styling, fingernail painting, and driving she did for me!

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