Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love love! I love that I am here and celebrating another Valentine's Day with my favorite three people; Wayne, Jacob, and Olivia.  I also love sharing love to those around me, so I spent some time yesterday making homemade valentine's to hand out at work today.  Since I am obsessed with tea/tea cups right now, I made these cute little tea cups.

I put a packet of Tazo tea in each cup. The tea flavor was "Passion" and I have to tell you, I made some iced Passion tea for our V-Day dinner and it was so yummy. Even the husband and boy loved it! And the most perfect thing about the Passion flavored's PINK!

So besides today being full of love and the celebration of love, it is full of something else for me. Today is the day I start my journey to becoming fit and healthy. I have admitted to neurotic thinking since my diagnosis and I am sure this is a continuation. BUT, I am determined to become as healthy as I can be to minimize my risk of getting Cancer again. So, I started walking over lunch. I have resumed  my walk across the USA. I have managed to walk 319 miles.  That puts me somewhere just past Old Town, MD.

So, if I am smart enough, you will soon see a weight loss ticker on my blog. Check it out, ask me about my journey, keep me accountable.

The family saying Happy Valentine's Day to YOU! (oh and The Boy says GO K-STATE!)

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