Monday, February 21, 2011

Farewell, "Live Music Show Capital of the World"

What a weekend we have had! Thanks in part to the school district and the State honoring President's Day, we had a nice long weekend. So, we made plans to head south to Branson, MO! What a wonderful weekend to be away from home; the weather was so sunny and warm! It was the perfect cure for the winter blues and the cabin fever this family has been experiencing for some time.

The boys spent the weekend with their feet in Lake Taneycombo trout fishing. I spent the weekend hanging with Olivia and sneaking in some scrapbooking every chance I got. The boys caught 7 fish, I finished 16 pages in my 2009 scrapbook. You all know what that means right....I did not go on a fishing trip this weekend and squeezed in some scrapbooking. It means I went on a scrapbooking weekend and Wayne squeezed a little fishing in! (you all know he is not happy about that!)

Most everything else in Branson was closed (their off season is January/February) so we really just hung out at the condo, swam, fished, and shopped at my favorite little scrapbooking store. On our way home, we made a pit stop by Rockaway Beach, MO ( I think a fishing trip here might be in our future). The one thing we did not do while in Branson over the weekend, stay connected to everyone. We have 3 cell phones for the 4 of us and all 3 of us forgot a charger! Then on top of that, my husband forgot his phone at home. So the boy and I fought over the one car charger we had with us!

The one thing I was able to do in Branson (besides scrapbooking) was stay on track with my fitness/health plan.  The last time I was in Branson, I had a growing lump in my throat that was undiagnosed cancer. It served as a constant reminder so much has changed for me since last June, 2010. So, I tackled it. I made really smart food choices for all meals (ok, I did have 1 cheat meal but all the others were REALLY good)! I also exercised while there. For the first time EVER, I not only found the exercise room, I used it. I not only packed a swim suit, I used it. And...the charge I got on my phone did not go to texting friends or catching up on went to updating on!  I normally dread hitting the scale the day after a weekend trip, but not this time. I am so looking forward to jumping on the scale tomorrow morning.

Ending with some photos from our trip!

My fishermen. 

The Short Chic enjoyed gathering rocks and sticks while the fishermen got ready to go.

Here are my fishermen in action. Unfortunately the water was running fast making it hard to catch a fish.

Olivia and I at Dicks 5 and 10. First time the kids have been there. 

At the Grand Country Buffet.

This is only one of the teen boys dinner. This is why it is more economical to take teen boys to a buffet!

The Short Chics new bunny. This is what she picked up at the 5 and 10.

Mr. Rock Star Fisherman! When in the Live Music Show Capital of the World, you must wear guitar sunglasses!

It was COLD in Rockaway Beach!

She had little interest in hanging out.

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  1. Okay, you should have worn your rock star glasses too! That's awesome that you're staying on your fitness plan even during a fun weekend. Love the boys outfits! Did you tire Ms. O at the 5 and 10 store. It looked like a fab trip and so glad you all got a chance to get away.